RP and KS living together!

RP and KS living together!
10/14/2009 2:30:33 PM AliceInHere 18 Posts AliceInHere's Avatar
So OK Magazine's new cover talks about KS and RP inviting them into their home. Saying that they both share an appartment in Vancouver.

After the last time that KS and RP were featured on the cover of OK, I choose not to believe anything OK magazine says. Remember last time they had them on the cover saying they were getting married?

However after further research, I found out that RP has been spotted going into this appartment since they started filming Eclipse and that KS was seen spending a lot of time there as well. But recently is constantly there. So I do believe they live together but that they definitely are not letting OK into their lives and definitely not their home. What do you guys think
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10/18/2009 2:44:55 PM kyle 80 Posts
i dont belive it that there living together i think would be a crock
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10/18/2009 5:15:03 PM xxblue77xx 93 Posts xxblue77xx's Avatar
they say all this stuff just so people buy their mags. they dont care who they hurt. which is not right. i think more clebs should sue over what they print about them and see what they have to say about them then. lol
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10/21/2009 1:08:53 PM #1Fan 17 Posts
I didn't believe this at first but I think I do now! I read this article and it basically explained their room. They rented out the entire 34th floor at the sheraton which costs $850 a night. They have 2 bedrooms joined by a door and a third suite they use to watch TV and stuff. "Each lavish suite boasts two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room and a large living room. Every room has floor-to-ceiling windows and large, flat screen TVs and chandeliers. The baths double as Jacuzzis. And, best of all, that floor has its own butler and security. Robert and Kristen are transported to and from the set by accessing a private elevator system in the hotel that leads to a gated and guarded garage."

here's the article
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10/24/2009 10:00:27 AM xxblue77xx 93 Posts xxblue77xx's Avatar
i have that mag. i dont believe anything they write in those books unless it comes right from that acters. i heard just this past week that everything in those mags like Ok,In Touch,People, and Us Weekly are all 80% true. so once we hear other wise about kristen and rob then these rumors are all false.
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10/25/2009 12:27:32 AM savvyeyty 40 Posts
What do we guys think? Well, I think these paparazzi are again ruining someone else's life by making statements that have no any basis at all and making a story out of it for the purpose of their own profits.
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10/25/2009 8:21:42 AM xxblue77xx 93 Posts xxblue77xx's Avatar
i dont beleive a word of it. i was going though pixs of kristen for a fanpage that im making and i came across an interview that she done with some mag. i only read bits of what the mag said about kristen's interview she had with them. they say she going to give them the whole story about her and rob's dating life. i believe the mag is "blinder". but i would have to check on that tho. i maybe wrong. i'll check on the name of the mag and post it in here. it comes out next month.

all these rumors needs to stop. its getting sick if you ask me.