Regarding to research of the bible and encryption

Regarding to research of the bible and encryption
2/12/2021 6:04:46 AM twiXX 4 Posts
Due to some circumstances, Kristen Stewart is told to be the Antichrist. Since there could have been failures by interpreting the word of god. So the so called people that form a synagogue of satanas, could have been a hybrid breeding of jugoslavians and germans, the so called jews, that are no jews. By facing this fact, Kristens first name ist the jugoslavian form of the word "Antichrist", built by two words "ne", which means "no" and "krist", which means "christian".
Regarding to her birthdate, the 9th of April, '90, which is a palindrome, it's the encryption on second stage of the number 666. By facing the fact it's a palindrome, it's usually 1332, but if we keep in mind, that she's a australian & american hybrid it's still only 666 in two different ways.
To admit why i put this up, i am born on the same day as she is, and am a jugoslavian/german hybrid, living in a city that has it's zipcode encrypted or better decrypted to 666, after we both have been born and a half year elapsed. (german/ddr border fell)
When i calculate what represents me, it is a european lottery, since the zipcode of the city i was born in was, at least to a half, 50, and my birthdate is summed up the "5", so i represent the lottery "5 out of 50".
Just wanted to give Kristen a new perspective, to face her kismet, I do not know, who of us both is the one that is leeching the givings of god, without doing anything. Maybe none of us is doing that.
RE: Regarding to research of the bible and encryption
2/13/2021 10:31:58 AM twiXX 4 Posts
To explain further about what i am speaking:
We both are predicted by the bible, i wanted this before my birth took place, and she is encrypted half german and yugoslavian -> in a pig.
(AU-US -> u sau -> in sau -> in female pig)
We both were predicted with the movie "number 5 is alive" ~4 years before we were born.
When the prediction of us took place, also a lottery had been created in germany, that's called 6 out of 49 with 1 out of 10.
since the encryption is +-1, while we're 666 twice on the second stage, it's not 5 out of 50, it's 6 out of 49.
the jews which are not jews at all, could be orthodox christians, or hybrids with german mothers and yugoslavian fathers, which decrypts to the tld .yu/.de which is not a jew at all since it's spelled "jude" on german, but this is referring to the "new god/devil" technology, that was stealing all those works some people got paid for, as the possibility has been there.
explaining why i am the '1 out of 10', could be the reason that my parents are born on the 10th of different months, so it would be binary 10 -> 2.
this occurs twice, as i'm created by those two that are 10s, also i'm 1 out of a 10. this is at least a trustworthy story at least to a half.
so while the devil should be a bastard, which usually means from 2 not married people, it also means from 2 different "races", as this is mongrelization.
also, i'm a technical assistant for information technology, when we know that assistants do the most work, as the most people with higher education would not do such simple tasks, so it's like i'm the one that's doing all those creation of legends on my own.
new calculation:
when technology is (the devil)/(the new stuff from god), there could have been the place where you may find god, where the domain has been registered to. also, this could be wrong hence the devil should have created the land israel, or the people that are israelites. maybe this is just a move of god to be present to every person in the world, that only belives in the devil, or because the real people that have been predicted by god to keep an eye on, are orthodox christians or german-yugoslavians, if it's the second fact, it's important to keep in mind, that it's called mother tongue and fatherland, which should represent me at all, when i'm the only one with a mother born in germany, with only german roots, and a father, born in yugoslavia, with yugoslavian roots, while i should live in yugoslavia usually, and only am speaking german, not the language my father is speaking, or tried to teach me.
so kristen is being discovered for acting, hence i was playing vampire in my childhood with some friends in kindergarden, also i tried to bite/leech a redhaired boy, in 1996, kristen could be leeching a "redhaired's"/"child of the devil"'s fame, could be another story that people could make up, by knowing this facts.

i do not know if kristen already knows this:
i am living next to a place that got a public bohemian grove. if we face the fact that free masonary in the us has its origin in germany, it could be the right place for rites or other stuff for a lot of american people to visit this place. since i do not want that it's public for everyone, i post the location on this second post, since no one is reading this stuff, maybe not even kristen is reading this, so i hide the secret data in the biggest bitstream (rumors about actors).
The Location is called "bohemian forest", while forest is encrypted as the word "wood", on german it's called "Böhmsholz"

have fun with this. much appreciation for all those movies, i did not even watch a single one of those, although i'm a pirate. <3
hope for you it will be better than a 5 in future.

oh, just a last single sentence, that describes that we both are prestigious, although u never heard from me:
i hacked a nasa pc in 2005/2006, and a bunch of database servers in taiwan that belonged to the education ministry.
RE: Regarding to research of the bible and encryption
2/16/2021 9:47:48 AM twiXX 4 Posts
a new theory:
she got the golden raspberry for her acting, since i am/she is a so called "raspberry penny" ->
A "raspberry penny" is in line with the first line with the "essential" aspects of life. This is someone who fixes on pleasant interests, is vain, egocentric, is also possibly real and "really" really.
RE: Regarding to research of the bible and encryption
2/19/2021 11:59:54 AM twiXX 4 Posts
to clarify what is indicating, that our birthdate is referred to the devil or god, it's the perfection, that is the thing people aspire to.
the date 09.4.90 is the perfection by looking at it forward or backwards.
usually it would be 9.4.1990, but to a half it's logical to read it 09.4.90. ;)

kind regards
RE: Regarding to research of the bible and encryption
4/8/2021 10:05:11 AM StYl3z 9 Posts
regarding to the raspberry theory, there is a second possibility ->
the original nickname for me on jugoslavian is "nidzo" -> written in 'latin' kyrillic letters -> 'NITO', which makes 'Toni', the 'translation' of 'penny' in german. since we're half and half it's -> -penny +golden raspberry -> german translation 'goldene himbeere'
(a pre-birthday gift) -> gift in english means 'present' which is also a 'time' in german it's meaning is poison -> on 6th of decembre the children have to brush their shoes to get charcoal or 'gifts' -> my nameday is on 6th decembre on christian and on 19th decembre on christian calendar by orthodox calculation. -> i'm born as 'nicola' like 'in cola' - at least is this claimed by some people, originally it's on jugoslavian written 'nikola' so it's originated from 'nike' on greek while i can use to be santa clause, while i am 'told to be a black hand guy' since i'm left handed and lefties are the 'workers of the devil' -> so i am the guy that has a 'contract with the dead/death' -> brushing the shoes on 'old german' means 'wichsen' which means masturbation on english. -> 'wichsen' also means 'killing' -> so i am told to deliver poison to rats -> kristen is a bad actor -> she is a leech for us, the people of the devil in her xyz part as a vampire, which means she is not acting a vampire or leech, she is one. - happy birthday to your big traitor-day tomorrow <3

kind regards
Nike Shaitan Donald Abraxas PET -> NSDAP -> the origin of 'nike v' -> 'kevin' -> 'nike 5' -> 'nikola 5' -> 'niko l.a.' -> nikolaus without the US -> without los angeles -> alltime win -> alltime jackpot -> the aries sign -> V M. -> Five Lastname beginning with M - ;)

i wish you the best, if you read this kristen. i'm sure you do, as you care what others say :P <3
luv ya :>
maybe we'll met some day although it's difficult since you're a celebrity, but who knows, where the real bohemian grove is. ;)
RE: Regarding to research of the bible and encryption
4/8/2021 10:28:21 AM StYl3z 9 Posts
p.s. ->
i could be your 'joker' -> since i'am the cross with/plus a hook (nike), so i'm the swastika -> you could also be the cross with a hook - if it's me since i am 'nike' -> i could be/am told to be the 'person' 'the death' like i stated above - you could be the antichrist, so we have to work together in the end, but i got more 'might' as you need me to destroy the earth.

(to complete the statement above -> 'wichsen' makes an anagram for 'wischen' in german which means 'to clean'.
RE: Regarding to research of the bible and encryption
4/8/2021 10:32:52 AM StYl3z 9 Posts
also thank you for the movie 's is waking up' -> 'es ist erwacht' (underwater) -> as you see, i'm calling myself 'StYl3z' -> which is 'S' or '5' ;)

like i already said, best wishes & give your dad a kiss from me, and keep me in mind.
-> you can contact me at: (.DE Ni. Ma.) ;)
RE: Regarding to research of the bible and encryption
4/8/2021 10:56:56 AM StYl3z 9 Posts
(btw. the city i was born in is based on a pig that has been hunted in the year ~1000, where salt has been in it's hair -> saltwater on german means 'sole' -> sola would be the 'translation' to latin letters if you wrote my 'birth-name' on kyrillic 'nicola' - also only half-half, just look up how an l on kyrillic looks like, since it's 'forbidden' by the allowed keymap on this forum) - now it's your turn to tell me the legends you are based on/off :P
RE: Regarding to research of the bible and encryption
4/8/2021 11:16:30 AM StYl3z 9 Posts
as last post for the next time, i would to clarify which legend makes me at last -> my mum is star sign 'hunter' - my father is 'pisces' and 'aries' regarding to both calendars. - when i was born, my mum hunted down the fish (jesus) and the aries (devil, since it's 'nickname' is horned on german and the aries is the only one that is horned as special) , so 'two beasts' or 'two animals' - while i was 'created' as a lion, born as an aries and taurus regarding to both calendars. - 'she shot the devil' in two ways - made love with my dad/married him + gave birth to me, a one, that has been predicted by a movie + a lottery :>

keep in mind what 'prediction' can be + is and maybe you trust me that there is a greater plan.
RE: Regarding to research of the bible and encryption
4/8/2021 2:51:31 PM StYl3z 9 Posts
sorry, that i am posting again, but it's almost birthday @ germany, so the year of the traitor ends soon.
last things:
why i 'call' myself damien: first .de(germany) then ni. (first name, since my sister got a name starting with n too, it's needed to take the second letter too) ma. (last name, but if first name got 2 letters, then the last name has to take two letters too :P) -> second reason: Ni.M -> Min -> MEN -> 'Herren' in german means 'gentlemen' in english, ladies is 'missing', but i am at least half-half for a reason damien + it's forbidden to name his child 'damien' in germany + also the 'a' is missing, but it's the first letter of 'and', so it's close to half-half with a good reason with the first reason to claim the second 'damien' for me too :>

you also got a half-half thing: los angeles + english, while city of angels, and on german it's 'stadt der engel' -> the word 'engel' is almost 'angel' and means the same, so your likely to be an angel.

best wishes for now, enjoy your birthday :*
RE: Regarding to research of the bible and encryption
4/9/2021 1:19:14 AM DAMiEN 2 Posts
based on the impress i made up, there could have been changes to things, that should not occur, but will repaired until 09.04.2022 lately.

happy birthday again.

RE: Regarding to research of the bible and encryption
4/9/2021 4:21:53 AM DAMiEN 2 Posts

PET means 'Five' on 'russian' ;) "black pete" cause of 'pet' and 'pet' like animal/beast -> twice 666 in birthdate on second stage

last post since 'to the 9th of april' is complete by post count, sorry if i forgot something, research a bit on your own - best wishes & congratulations again, if you read this <3