The Royal Palm

The Royal Palm
1/1/2020 12:15:00 AM TheRoyalPalm 2 Posts
Hey Kristen,

Your hour of reckoning is at hand, would you be my friend? I live in Miami, and have no real friends, the only obsession I have is you and movies. Are you single? I Love your lesbian news and I wouldn't mind being a dude with you, since my first girlfriend was a bi-lesbian. It made me mix up my origin without leaving a trace of confusion, I love female and always loved females so I guess it threw me out of her circle of friends, if I could be your friend, I wouldn't mind making out with you in the rain, would you be my girlfriend and make out some plans on conquering the causes of being white like the snow or clouds? It causes me sun damage to have freckles and being white, no one really gave me a chance to be with them, until I saw your movie Camp X Ray, and that made me think of our breed of Who RA, the pharos chant. Dope. It cause me to think of redesigning my look and get into the building for the army, since my design was made into a real tower, called the Porsche 911 tower, with a life that causes the Porsche car to rise into the top floors with the side door panels closed. Freckles, what movie was the from? Equals. haha. cool. I will be seeing you later.

Happy New Year,

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1/16/2021 12:36:15 PM Royal_Palm_1 9 Posts
my number switched, for the hudredth time,