August unsanity:

August unsanity:
8/14/2019 4:43:32 PM ralph333X3 10 Posts
What's the matter, cat got your tongue, Kriston ????? Open your mind, and then your heart. Echoes .....
RE: August unsanity:
8/15/2019 8:22:32 AM ralph333X3 10 Posts
BTW, looking back @ yesterday, that was a typo (Christian). Dr. Hyde
RE: August unsanity:
8/21/2019 4:40:57 PM ralph333X3 10 Posts
love the hairbyadair,yl !! dr. hyde
RE: August unsanity:
8/21/2019 5:10:04 PM ralph333X3 10 Posts
blessedarethepeacemakers. they have inherited the earth. to quote psalms; you show your spirit, they create !
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8/21/2019 6:34:30 PM ralph333X3 10 Posts
I am new to SM. Mouse in the house? BOGF; UR 1A, ending :( fr. hyde ps,would you prefer I use twitter?
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8/21/2019 6:58:45 PM ralph333X3 10 Posts
pps. nice Cesar! love you.
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8/24/2019 8:13:11 AM ralph333X3 10 Posts
Looking over some interviews you have done, like the one where you discuss Joan Jett.. Looks to me like you were destined to rule the world. Embrace your kingdom, Miss darkness. Love you.
Re: Must be the season, said Blue Cheer
10/30/2019 7:20:50 AM ralph333X3 10 Posts
November to remember, babe. Right behind you; slightly to the left. Don't look up. Nobody on that rock, but us chickens. The ice man cometh; how's now, a Coldplay on your mind? Love you more.... Dr Hyde
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1/22/2020 9:35:27 PM pripankaj 2 Posts