I really like your personality

I really like your personality
6/28/2019 9:00:59 AM pre1005 1 Posts
Recently, I watched many of your interview videos to study Englsh even though I had no affection to you at that time. (but when I was a middle-school student, movie twilight was so famous and all of close friends were so obsessed by it. even they read whole books. hehe but I haven't watched it yet cuz I don't like fantasy...). Anyway, then, I realized the life of celebrities are much harder than I thought. All the actions celebrities take into can be assessed and labelled by others. and those things should make them uncomfortable. Despite of those things, I think you are a straighforward and brave person.
I also admired you when you took off your high heels when you went to something very famous award. (I cannot remember the name hahaha)
Anyway, You are kind of amazing person to me. So, I hope you happy everytime :)
And I watchd Lizzie yesterday and wanna watch the JT leroy. wasn't it released? But I cannot find any websites I can download or rent it even on google play and netflix or something. So I wish it is provided someday :)

p.s. I also love it when you acted in snl. :) please act more in funny episodes :)

I really like you :) I hope you happy and do whatever you want :) bye bye.