6/26/2018 10:52:51 PM FAN 1 Posts

TWILIGHT is best movie I like twilight
Now 2018 again make twilight new episode pls lot of people ready to watch new episode of twilight. I just want new episode of twilight pls make it again

From fan :) <3
1/23/2020 2:00:15 PM TwiHeart 1 Posts
Does anyone else wonder when they're going to remake the Twilight movies? Cause I want to be in them. Twilight is THE BEST!!!!
My love about Twilight and specially Bella MaM
12/9/2020 12:03:22 AM Rajchib 7 Posts
When i first watched twilight, it seems like a dream as i am an crazy boy. I know it sounds crazy but i always want to become an vampire. When i watched twilight first time, i wish i see bella and edward together in real life. According to me they 2 r the best couple. I had watched twilight's every part in my language(Hindi, i am an Indian) more than 25 times. I am 18 but my last wish is to meet Bella swan one day, but i am an indian and i dont think she will come to india but i can hope so as i know some dreams will never comes true but seeing them is the greatest happiness. Love u Kristen Mam and hope to see u in real life I wish to see twilight story ongoing up to my life ends as its the only story i never get bored of.