latest photos?

latest photos?
8/15/2013 8:17:56 PM ksfan 1 Posts
haven't seen a photo of her in a while. has anyone?
RE: latest photos?
8/16/2013 8:08:08 AM gaksfan 478 Posts gaksfan's Avatar
Here's a youtube video that has photos of Kristen in Paris last month :)

Rob's diss!
8/23/2013 5:43:43 PM kelleys8th 1 Posts
I love Rob and Kristen individually and together. That said I feel if a close friend of mine cheated on their man I would definitely ask WHY? If Rob had everything Kristen needed she would never have strayed. Doing what she did was wrong but ALL the blame going to her seems so obviously wrong. He was there with her. He simply wasn't enough for her. He didn't fulfill one or possibly two different areas of her life that needed attention for one reason or another......but after a certain amount of time goes by it starts showing up in different areas of their relationship and before she know it she's in a position she's not ready to come to terms with. It's very sad what went wrong between them but I'm sick of hearing about her cheating.She wasn't happy or she would never have done it. They should have taken some of their zillion dollars that Rob seems to have a hard time admitting made him who he is and spent it on counseling! thanks for letting me vent!
RE: Rob's diss!
8/23/2013 6:58:15 PM gaksfan 478 Posts gaksfan's Avatar
Just my opinion but I never met anyone under 25 who hasn't made a major screw up at least once if not more in their lives. Kristen was only 22 when this happened. I can't condone what she did cause she was in a relationship but I don't think its so wrong to say "give Kristen a break" she's young and made a bad decision just like we all do at that age.