Kristen and Rob back together again??????

Kristen and Rob back together again??????
8/6/2013 5:55:48 PM gaksfan 478 Posts gaksfan's Avatar
Could it be? Would it be? OMG Kristen & Rob may be back together a third time!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes folks I don't have confirmation yet, as soon as I do will post here, but it looks like Kristen and Rob may be getting back together.

Here's a link to see for urself:


RE: Kristen and Rob back together again??????
9/19/2020 4:02:28 PM I_want_kristins_acups_plz 2 Posts
You look like a knockoff biker who plays disk golf. I will do battle with you for this women's love atop the sears tower in one fort night from now, I am the one who deserves those A cups and NOBODY here has pleasured themselves to twilight as much I have, I have put in the work to her instagram likes and comments, I have combed her hotel rooms after she left, PICKED THE TAMPNS OUT OF THE TRASH WHEN NO OTHER DARED. She will be mine, you and your team of mods will not stop me. I will see you all on the battlefield where the owner of our queens hearts will be crowned.