kristen and the ore she has

kristen and the ore she has
7/30/2013 11:21:41 PM mandi29 8 Posts
I was not aware of Kristen Stewart until about a year ago. I then discovered the twilight movies and became fascinated about her.
She has a real delightful ore about her.
I have looked at past interviews where she wears jeans and t-shirt and shirt with her famous trade mark converse pumps/sneakers.
How ace is that, she does not have to show of her curves or her feminine side to get a reaction.
I love the fact she has said she is more happy in this type of clothing, and has even said she would be dressed up in a dress and all, but want to wear sneakers/pumps as this is better when she meats and greats fans.
She is not one to show off and want attention at all, in fact she is the opposite.
She is known to be very clever and is a bit of a book worm.
I do think the incident with the director of the snow white film was more a stunt, because if you look at the pictures she looks uncomfortable at times, and he is looking into the camera.
It so sad that she may have lost the love of her life due to this, I do hope they get back together as they are very similar in the things they do/like.
Robert is also not an attention seeker, and loves to stay indoors and read.
Long run Kristen and all she does.

I know im too passionate about all this, but stars today are just getting too big for there boots, they could learn a thing or two from Kristen and Robert.