the Ksm INSTAGRAM a big WOW !

the Ksm INSTAGRAM a big WOW !
5/24/2013 9:12:37 PM martincovax 14 Posts
i saw the link over there @(InstaGram)
to this older .com site...I remember
>>>but I started
scrolling thru your photos
They have to be your posts....just by content.
I dig 'em **** they R sooo kewl~~!!
RE: the Ksm INSTAGRAM a big WOW !
5/25/2013 10:30:09 AM martincovax 14 Posts
Well...although the instagram pics are great...
it is probably not has 42 photos
and 195,596 followers.....but I don't see any dates
on instagram photos to it is questionable.

RE: the Ksm INSTAGRAM a big WOW !
5/25/2013 5:14:52 PM gaksfan 478 Posts gaksfan's Avatar
You are correct, I can confirm it is NOT Kristen's instagram. Kristen has verbally stated she will NEVER use any social media outlets.

Probably just a loyal fan posting pics :)

RE: the Ksm INSTAGRAM a big WOW !
5/26/2013 2:06:38 PM martincovax 14 Posts
well the pics are nice......
but just for the record>>>
in the 24 hrs since this 1st post ^^HERE
on this thread......that page has gained
5,500+ "followers"....????
RE: the Ksm INSTAGRAM a big WOW !
6/4/2013 2:02:38 PM martincovax 14 Posts
Kristens photos are always good ....and
it makes ANY page appealing,but with no approval,etc.
.and especiallyif the page pisses her off...i don't want to
visit it......nice selection tho....
She did pose for them anyways, they were her pics...
Some i remember from 2011,2012...
it's not like she's drivin off in a truck ala Papiz pics.
...but I am a little surprised by the hater level
I found on Instagram>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
not really really bad...but for just a photo page?
RE: the Ksm INSTAGRAM a big WOW !
6/5/2013 1:41:55 PM martincovax 14 Posts
If I knew how to EDIT/CHANGE the thread title
I's not a "big wow".....
Delete the whole thread if U want>>>>>>>
it's like i'm supporting's
just Kristen....and her pics....r the "big wow".

RE: the Ksm INSTAGRAM a big WOW !
8/5/2013 9:37:16 AM mandi29 8 Posts
there is a hell of a lot of pics, and twilight pics on pintrest

its a fun site and has some really good pics