RE: The Kristen Stewart Spirit (Fan Group)

RE: The Kristen Stewart Spirit (Fan Group)
2/28/2013 2:22:29 PM Saile_Nathalia 1 Posts
It's an space where it's all about being yourself,socialize, share time, share your things,feelings, photos etc. We have a big sisterhood and we have as inspiration Kristen Stewart, cause' she's always authentic, original and we can identify with that.

Kristen Stewart Spirit is a group deriving of 3 administrators: Daniela Garcia, Saile Nathalia and Jena Dobson. We're all on a journey to find the fitting place for ourselves.
But what happens when we don't fit in?
Well, be healthy & f*ck everyone, seriously like whatever.

In that case, let us be a free spirit. A Kristen Stewart spirit. Be you. Stay Cool. Remain Calm. Stay collected. Be Free.

Everyone is welcome! It's dedicated for the Krisbians, Kristen fans and Twilighters.

Please join on facebook: