Contacting Kristen

Contacting Kristen
2/17/2013 12:16:06 PM gaksfan 478 Posts gaksfan's Avatar
for all fans to read:

Please read carefully:

Kristen has no facebook account.
Kristen has no twitter account.
Kristen DOES NOT use instagram.
Kristn has NO registered email address.
Kristen has no fan mail address.
Kristen does NOT chat on this site.
This site is NOT a messaging service to Kristen.

as u can see it's a waste of time to try and contact her via social networks or any other way for that matter. The only thing u all can do is stay a loyal and supportive fan :)

RE: Contacting Kristen
3/27/2013 2:19:03 AM ????????? 10 Posts
Kind time of day! ! ! ! Whether prompt please there are options to write Kristen the message personally! ! ! For earlier thanks for the help)))
RE: Contacting Kristen
4/17/2013 8:43:15 PM Three 1 Posts
Hello Christian, for his first message I sent to you, perhaps I was very pleased when you greet me back, I'm a big fan of you, maybe we can chat or interact with the media, I hope you can reply to message me, I hope you can be sucses again and again .. thank you

Three :)
RE: Contacting Kristen
4/18/2013 6:35:05 AM gaksfan 478 Posts gaksfan's Avatar
please try to use proper english when posting (u can use google translator if need be), thank u.

RE: Contacting Kristen
4/23/2013 8:40:04 PM halloweenbaby 1 Posts
I wish I could talk to Kristen Stewart & ask her how I can become an actress.