Ideas For A New Twilight

Ideas For A New Twilight
2/11/2013 6:11:27 PM TwilightFan#1Love 1 Posts
Stephanie Meyer Says There Is No More Problems About Bella How About These

*What If Bella Going To Acually Do About Jacob Marking Her Daughter

*What If The Voultori (Dont Remember How To Spell It) Acually Do Come Back To Take Renesmee?

*What If Alice Actually Left Other Than To Get More Representitives?

*What If Jacobs Father Dies?

*What IF Charlie Comes Back To Return Something To Bella And See's What She Really Become.

*How About Bellas Mother And Step-Father.

*What If Another Unknown Vampire Clan Comes In Town And Tries To Do Harm Towards The Cullens
RE: Ideas For A New Twilight
4/10/2013 8:42:46 AM twilightlover3435 1 Posts
wat if they make like: sunshine to sunset part one then alice finds out the volturi is coming back for renesmee and shes already grown up and they trust her and Jacob to watch the house and while he's using the bathroom he hears a crash and a scream then renesmee is gone
RE: Ideas For A New Twilight
6/17/2013 7:33:03 PM babygirl74 6 Posts
breaking dawn part 1 Jacob imprints on renesmee ,in part 2 Bella finds out..
the next chapter should have to do with renesmee ,and go on further about the imprintint and what it means for Jacob renesmee as well, as I think they should have another baby in yet to come ones and they already deceided she was half and half I don't think it should come to them kidnapping renesmee, but as well as they did want Edward to join the voltori , and as well as seeing which side renesmee wants to be shes already half vampire half human

..all in all and I think the same people should be in there too not newer ones I hate when they switch them out.. Kristen should not be judged on what happened in her life that's private not for the world to know..