Does anybody remember this?

Does anybody remember this?
8/18/2012 7:55:01 AM Susiern56 1 Posts
24 May 2009
Robert Pattinson Cheats On Kristen Stewart, Hooks Up With New Hottie (photo)
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Posted by: Jennifer G.

Robert Pattinson and Erika in Cannes.

New Moon’s Robert Pattinson seems to live by the “outta sight, outta mind” lifestyle. Rob has been hanging out in Cannes during the film festival and seems to be having too much fun. He was at a party for amfAR Cinema Against AIDS with a sexy blonde, Erika Dutra.

“Erika was introduced to Robert by a mutual friend at the beginning of the night and he was smitten with her from that point on,” an eyewitness tells Life & Style. “He took pictures of her, sat with her all night, and the two of them were even seen kissing! There was serious chemistry between them, and they looked like they were having an amazing time.”

And it seems the night didn’t end there for the two: “Erika and Robert even left the party together!” the eyewitness reveals.

Wow. Poor Kristen Stewart. Why would Rob do that? He seems so serious about Kristen. Unless they have a very open relationship, Kristen has got to be totally crushed. I hope this doesn’t affect their onscreen chemistry as well……

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According to an interview with Elle magazine ealier in the year Kristen had stated off the record that her and Rob never made it official until after May of 2009.

On the record no one knows for sure, and more importantly it's none of our business, besides IF this was true (and thats a big IF) then it was way long ago before they were dating steadily & living together.

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Right im a 10 year old girl and i know thats right mmmmm i hate when people are in bisness alot like i cryed when that happend but hey its all over