Hi Kris

Hi Kris
8/16/2012 1:00:32 PM Didi 1 Posts
I have just seen your picture called SPEAK, and I loved it.

I think that right know you fell like in that movie! but please dont!. Life is beautiful with or without men. I remembered the phrase> If somthing is yours, there always will be, but if it dont, so let it go, because it means that never was yours.

Your are a great actress since a child! go for it! your are young and young and old people make mistakes so what!... only God can judge us! and he knows what to do and when help us.

I love you because you make a lot of girls and men feel wonderful on your pictures, and many people wants you to be happy!
I had a nice that looks like you! and she also are you fan. In school every body call her "BELLA" and she smiles of it.

God bless you, and please, get up, and be brave... pray always.