Its all about balance

Its all about balance
8/16/2012 7:56:51 AM Wusel 1 Posts
First off all as a grown up mid 30 i never thought about posting on a fan forum. On the other hand in my business i have to do with so called "stars" (non of the movie business) and i know how much of them read their fansites and could be really "hurt" or emotional build up by their fans.

So after i read an open letter from Jodie Foster about the whole story here
i thought about adding some stuff cause what you seem to need most these days is SUPPORT.

I am not a real big fan of your twilight work. I think the whole story doesn't give that much opportunities to do a great acting. But you really showed a good performance in "Into The Wild", "The Runaways" and "Welcome to the Rileys". I am looking forward to see you in "On The Road", i think the story is deep and the characters too.

Please keep up the good work and concentrate on your carreer.

Yes you have done a very stupid thing. A lot of people do this (and worse if it just was flirting and kissing, most people don't stop at this point). If you are young all of this seem to be a sacrilege if you grow older you put thing into relation.

I am pretty sure if you and Rob would have been a couple for 20-30 years thins kind of incidence would have been much more a matter of talk and regret then this "end of everything" it feels like at the moment.

Do yourself a favor and read some sad books, listen to sad music and feel your grief. As long as it takes. You are young and i am very pleased to see that there are still real people out there in the show business who LIVE a life. Take your time. Let your family and friends "hug" you! ;-)

And from my personal point of view, don't push Rob in this situation. He is hurt. You don't have the control about if this will ever work out again or not. As time goes by you'll see. But pushing things is an instinct and will not help.

And never loose yourself. Be strong and always be sure about the fact that you made a mistake. Not a real big one but you hurt feelings. That is something which heals over time. Nothing you could heal active.

So find your balance,take some extra time just for yourself. Do some hiking in europe or a shopping trip to paris. Just with your family or friends.

I hope that at your young age this whole thing will make you stronger, not necessarily "older". Its important to make faults when you are young. Thats part of this funny thing we all enjoy ... LIFE ! :-)

BTW: Jodie Foster seems to be a really nice person who likes you!

Ah yes and all i can judge out of the lately released fotos is that you still seem to drive your Mini which is cool. Yeah Mini rocks!