KS Interview

KS Interview
10/2/2009 10:18:57 AM calirockr 26 Posts
Hey guys - this is one of the longer interviews I've seen KS do about Twilight - it was interesting. The interviewer is a little weird I think, :) but KS looks great as usual! Is it just me or does she seem pretty uncomfortable throughout the whole thing??

New Moon comes out in 2 months!!
RE: KS Interview
10/2/2009 7:37:47 PM babigirl98 82 Posts
calirockr i think i saw the same interview and i have to agree she looks great. and i thought she looked pretty uncomfortable to and usually i would defend her cause she is like my idol but this time i have to agree
i cant wait for new moon to come out in november!I'M SO EXCITED,I HEART TWILIGHT, KS AND ROB