Nice soundtrack for twilight. :)

Nice soundtrack for twilight. :)
1/7/2011 4:35:49 AM KristenJaymes 1 Posts KristenJaymes's Avatar
Yo! Wanna know your opinions. Please try to listen to the song titled AWAKE by Secondhand Serenade. I think, it was really good for twilight. And the lyrics fit the story. :)

Here's the link, guys.
RE: Nice soundtrack for twilight. :)
4/15/2011 1:01:46 PM Jared 27 Posts
This is Jared

The song on the Twilight Soundtrack that I like the best is the last song on the CD. The dance song when Kristen and Rob are at their prom at the end of the movie. If I ever get married I would like to have that song played when I am dancing with my wife at my reception. It is one of my favorite songs. It is a romantic song. And I will try and listen to the song AWAKE and then reply on how I like it. I might like it because I like all different types of music. I liked a lot of songs on the CD really. Two other songs that I like were the two songs by Paramore. I am a huge paramore fan. They are my favorite music band. I like girls with red hair and she has red hair and I have a burnt CD with 20 of Paramore's songs on it. I love the CD. Probably my favorite song by Paramore is "Brick by Boring Brick." Another good one is "Emergency." I also have a burnt CD with the Eclipse soundtrack on it. And I bought the New Moon soundtrack CD so I have all 3 CD's. I like music on all 3 of the CD's.