is it rob or michael??

is it rob or michael??
8/28/2010 12:38:24 AM gheee 3 Posts
can kristen tell us, who?
wanted to know badly, it really matters to me!
what's the real score?
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9/1/2010 2:18:25 AM halfpint95 13 Posts
it soo clearly rob and there a great couple xx !!!! :)
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10/2/2010 5:11:43 PM Sway 6 Posts Sway's Avatar
Kristen and Michael are no longer.
Rob is just Kristen close friend.

Kristen is currently: Single
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10/4/2010 9:12:16 AM Danelly 2 Posts
Well, Kristen is singel right now.
Rob and Kristen are just close friends, that's all i think.
But i wish they would be together. :>
Be safe.
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10/10/2010 12:44:46 AM patty1192 46 Posts
it was rumored that rob and kristen told oprah at the backstage that they're a couple.
curiosity is not a sin but you should exercise caution.
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10/18/2010 9:09:30 AM DragonTears 2 Posts DragonTears's Avatar
Michael is her ex and I honestly think Rob and Kristen are just close friends and nothing more. My reasoning for this is because when she was with Michael, she said she was with him and there was no "hiding" it. Neither Rob nor Kristen have ever said they are together, there are no photos proving otherwise. The only photos you see of them together are either at press junkets, award ceremonies or at an airport coming home from either of the above mentioned events. There are more pics of her hanging out with Taylor, Dakota and Nikki than her and Rob... just my 2 cents :P
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10/18/2010 7:57:45 PM gaksfan 478 Posts gaksfan's Avatar
I also admit I'm no expert and could be wrong, however, if you keep up with Kristen like I do you all should have noticed that Rob & Kristen are slowly "coming out of thier shell" regarding their relationship. Most importantly those two don't owe us anything because privacy is privacy and what we, Rob & Kristen do privately is no one's business. None the less Rob & Kristen seem to be a little more comfortable with each other in public. Although I do wish the papz would leave them the hell alone!!! So here are some you tube links confirming their relationship.

1. rob & kristen living together

2. rob & kristen kissing

3. director confirmation that rob and kristen dating

4. possible dating admission by kristen

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10/19/2010 4:32:42 PM 2 Posts's Avatar
whwn did they broke up? just want to know...
shella may
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10/19/2010 4:33:18 PM 2 Posts's Avatar
when did they broke up?
shella may
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10/22/2010 11:25:23 AM xxblue78xx 34 Posts xxblue78xx's Avatar
no one knows if they are really dating. dont forget twilight is a huge movie and makes alot of money. summit does market their movies and they could be doing other things behind the scences that no one knows about at this time.
people will keep guessing till breaking dawn comes out. after that then we will all know whats going on and we will see if rob and kristen are a couple or not. they are vary close due to filming three and naw almost five twilight saga movies.
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12/7/2010 10:45:24 PM gaby 1 Posts gaby's Avatar
of course is rob!
they are really sweet together
i love robsten ^^
Brazil Loves Robsten
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12/8/2010 1:27:20 AM xxsmile4mexx 8 Posts
i really think its rob becase...hello! its so obvious even if they deny it you can see it with their actions and pictures worth thousand word and they've got dozen and more......
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12/9/2010 12:58:01 PM SpunkRansom 32 Posts SpunkRansom's Avatar
I hope its rob they make such a cute couple and anyway if they aren't a couple now they probably will be after breaking dawn is filmed!!!!!
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12/11/2010 1:50:52 PM SpunkRansom 32 Posts SpunkRansom's Avatar
just wait till breaking dawn is filmed guys
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12/12/2010 2:09:28 AM xxsmile4mexx 8 Posts
what is the hell reason why kristen and rob denied their relationship!!!!
HELLO KRISTEN AND ROB, its too obvious to deny!!!!
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12/27/2010 1:37:48 PM frannyj65 1 Posts
I have seen a photo on u-tube of the pair of them Rob+Kristen in Vancouver,along with Tom Sturridge,when he+she were filming together,looked like rob+kristen were locking lips,but hey,you know what! Good for them,long may it rain,two fabulous actors together,and given me+millions of us out there alot of pleasure,why shouldnt they enjoy eachothers company+why shouldnt they,i just wish the press would leave them both alone,being British,i feel very protective of all things British,(pardon the punn there!) Have also seen the press following rob when driving,we really don't want another PRINCESS DIANA on our hands.:(
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2/12/2011 10:01:16 PM Malagray 4 Posts Malagray's Avatar
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3/21/2011 3:34:29 PM Nikwildenstein 1 Posts
Okay girls, I think that if Kristen and Rob are together is something that is personal. We obviously see that Kristen isn’t the kind of girl (celebrity) that likes to show off her personal life, if they are together good for them, they form a very beautiful couple, but if they aren’t what the hell, let them leave their lives! In my opinion, I think they are together, because the chemistry is obvious between both, but the only thing we know is how they are on screen has Edward and Bella, besides that we don’t know anything about them… only what magazines, and TV shows tell us. But what can I say, she choose this life, so she needs to get use to this rumors (or not), but I think she knows how to react with the press very well.

Just my opinion,
Peace out x
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4/30/2011 9:57:35 PM lauralynn 16 Posts lauralynn's Avatar
This is just my opinion because I'm like you, I don't know for sure (Hell, I don't know anything!-lol), but the feeling I'm getting is that Rob still has deep feelings for Kristen, and Kristen still has feelings for Rob. But right now they both have so much on their plates that Kristen is feeling a bit overwhelmed. So I think they are taking a breather, stepping back, not really breaking things off, but cooling things down.

Rob being older, I get the feeling that he knows more of what he wants in life having lived longer and having more experience with living (he was born and grew up in Europe after all). I think he's more ready to moving the relationship up to a higher level than Kristen is. She just turned 21, and though she's very mature for her age and has had a well rounded life and education thanks to her parents, she is still very young and more than likely not ready for such a serious commitment. In Jan. 2011 Kristen's camp announced that they would re-evaluate things after they were finished with all the Twilight films. Now that that has happened, we have already seen them out together at Rob's premier for "Water for Elephants" and even seen them kissing, so things aren't totally over. If they are meant to be together, then things will eventually work out. If not, then there are two other people out there that are better suited for each of them and we should wish each of them joy.
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5/3/2011 3:53:23 AM jetthead 1 Posts
Oh, come on !

She's so gay !
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5/14/2011 4:29:27 PM Selene_Cullen 2 Posts
I really want Robert for Kristen. They've rumored that Robert proposed to Kristen in a set in Twilight in Vancouver. But still, I want Robert for her
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6/17/2011 3:13:52 AM daisy 1 Posts
Perfect couple. I like the way they act about their dating. Don't need to show off a relationship. Hope they'll be together forever and ever. Long to see a wedding in real life. Really hate the overnight breakups in Hollywood.
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8/29/2011 2:13:54 PM BrainyChild 5 Posts
So whats the verdict?! Michael Angarano or Pattinson?