Releasing BS

Releasing BS
6/24/2010 3:33:55 PM MasterTweak 6 Posts MasterTweak's Avatar
Okay, I admit that I watched the movie online because it was not playing anywhere near me and I'm not going to drive over an hour to see a movie. I do not live in a small town and its kind of bullshit how it was so scarce in theaters. Its dramatic and at times hard to watch, not because of the emotions but some of the other characters in the movie are boring and or so stupid you want to beat some sense into them with a baseball bat. But its an alright film, worth seeing once. You will see Kristen play a punk rocker who doesn't care about staying in what society says who she should be. Oh and its funny to watch Kristen do cocaine because you think of how she plays a emokid star in twilight then she does The Runaways as a Punk rocker which shows she has a depth in acting.
RE: Releasing BS
8/3/2010 9:11:22 PM strategos 243 Posts
i wouldn't call it punk rock lol
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