6/23/2010 1:06:31 PM rino 4 Posts rino's Avatar
Kristen is like a drug to me which i can't avoid.I believe she feels for me somewhere.
RE: Addiction
8/3/2010 10:07:42 PM strategos 243 Posts
you mean obsession, there's a difference between addiction and obsession

and you might wanna chillax lol, if you haven't even met her she has no idea you even exist and can't have feelings for you
“Although our intellect always longs for clarity and certainty, our nature often finds uncertainty fascinating.” ~Karl Von Clausewitz~
RE: Addiction
12/28/2010 11:58:52 AM Jared 27 Posts
This is Jared

Kristen Stewart is like a drug to me also! I remember that line being said in the movie when Edward takes Bella above the cloud bank in the woods to let bella see him sparkle in the sun. That was one of the best romantic parts in Twilight. Edward said to Bella "You are like a drug to me, like my own personal brand of heroin." Edward said it to bella when he was sitting up in the tree. When Edward and Bella are in the meadow is another one of the best romantic parts in the movie and one of my favorite parts in Twilight. My favorite part in the movie has to be in the cafeteria when the Cullen family walks into the cafeteria when bella is sitting at the table.