So true!

So true!
4/1/2010 3:11:51 PM twilightkiss 44 Posts twilightkiss's Avatar
ok so i totally think they are together now just because of her interview with Access Hollywood, she said,
"I'm sure they would both be great husbands," Stewart says. "Taylor's like one of the most steady, sure, he's great. He's really just like a good guy." Then she tries to play the Rob low-key, saying, "Rob is more sort of analytical, thoughtful, wishy-washy intellectual. So it depends."

If I want to describe whos a better husband my boyfriend or my best guy friend im going to have a lot more to say about my boyfriend which is what she just did too. I wish they would just come out! I'd be soooo happy for them!
RE: So true!
8/3/2010 8:41:59 PM strategos 243 Posts
wonder y this is in the rumors section

“Although our intellect always longs for clarity and certainty, our nature often finds uncertainty fascinating.” ~Karl Von Clausewitz~