One hell of an actress

One hell of an actress
3/30/2010 2:49:09 PM dano328 1 Posts
don't fit the demographic that Twilight was marketed to. I actually don't fit nicely into any demographic but I avoided the Twilight thing for a long time because if you are claiming to be for "teens" the chances are its not going to be a project I would find very interesting.

I did really enjoy Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampire Mysteries. I don't like how HBO has botched the plot, but once I had finished all the books, I was still in that vamp
genre, so I gave Twilight a chance. I find very little about the whole series that says "teen". It just happens the principal characters are in high school. But they can't be stereotyped.

I got hooked and read all four books pretty quickly. The two movies so far have been OK. Much better than some books translated to pictures. I have my doubts about the screenplays.
I expect the last couple to be really good.

Regardless, Kristen made those movies happen. I can't believe some of the criticisms I have read. A less talented actress could have screwed it up pretty good. I have since learned
about her training to bring her to this point. She can be an A-list actor for the next 30 years if that is what she wants. I read the legitimate news to find out how she came to be
who she is with Jodie Foster and Sean Penn as her biggest influences. She is so similar to them in talent. Rob is talented as well. I don't think he has the range
that she does with acting.

What she does without speaking is magical. The first time I saw
her, I was not blown away with her looks. But now I am. She is a freakin camilian. She can be the studious book worm. She can change to hot and provocative, and back and forth. Range.
I have been curious about "Welcome to the Riley's" I read an interview with the director in which gifts. I already know that movie will show provocative images of Kristen. But she will do a better job of convincing you that her character is one damaged little girl and to think about the provocative images is just wrong.

I understand the fans desire to know if there is any reality with her and Rob. I personally do not recall an onscreen duo that elicit such feelings of lust from its audience. Its human nature to to wish that those feelings were true in reality. It might be. But its truly none of our business. I admire
and respect how they keep a lid on it. That is if there is anything to keep a lid on. The actors I have the most respect for: I rarely know who they are involved with in real life. If their relationship were real and they admitted it --- then what? Multiply the media attentions times10.

I also tend to believe that Kristen could sell passion/lust/sex without Rob.

I remember Sean Penn's days when he did date Madonna for a short time. The press was relentless. He was no media darling. And he did not have to deal with the Internet. Kristen has to deal with a wold where anyone can publish anything.

To make the stories come alive is their gifts to us, the fans. They do not owe us any information about their private lives.

Like with Sean Penn, when Kristen makes a movie, I will probably see it. She was going to be identified as a big time movie star at some point === It just so happened that she got involved
with Twilight, so all the negative sides of fame she is having to deal with right now.

In a few years when the whole Twilight phenomena is over, she will be in movies, more of them of Indie persuasion.
She is no corporate sell out, but she will need a payday every couple of years so that she can afford to pick the roles she really enjoys doing, that don't pay as well.

She will provide entertainment for years.

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7/1/2010 7:06:08 AM gaksfan 478 Posts gaksfan's Avatar
Very well said sir!!! And I completely agree & admire your description/summary of Kristen's acting talents and her bright future, especially outside of the Twilight movies along with Rob's talent as well. And my lord she's only 20!!!!

The only item I might have a slight disagreement is her possible off screen romance with Rob. If her and Rob are in a relationship and they were to go public I feel most fans would stop the obsession simply cause the mystery is over. However, I do concede that might make it worse for them regardign media and paparazzi. Either way their both young and it's there business, not ours. And they can choose to do what they feel is best.

Again, nice post you made and take care.
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8/3/2010 8:42:50 PM strategos 243 Posts
waaat? u don't like True Blood??

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