Drugz?!?! OMG!!

Drugz?!?! OMG!!
3/13/2010 6:17:03 PM KR1Z10_OMG 1 Posts
So my friend who works @ a nite club sez he saw her doing drugz with sum other girls. But I wuz all like "What? No way" But she wuz all like "Uh huh". N e ways Do u guys think that iz true? I hope not cuz she is the bezt acrtis of our generashin so I hope she isn't. OMG pls don't b tru!
RE: Drugz?!?! OMG!!
5/28/2010 2:49:58 PM Bellababeena 1 Posts
I really doubt it but now days u never know. And I wouldn't go as far as to say she's the best of our generation but she is really good. Pay attention to Dakota fanning she's big now but wait till she get older she's going to blow everyone out of the water. Still a big fan of KS.
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RE: Drugz?!?! OMG!!
6/4/2010 12:59:22 PM deadsoh 5 Posts
why is it okay to spell things with "z's" instead of "s'".
and who cares if she does drugs or doesn't.
shes allowed to have fun you know, shes not the pope.
lyke omgz ZOMZG
RE: Drugz?!?! OMG!!
6/23/2010 9:54:32 PM blueberry16 5 Posts blueberry16's Avatar
it really none of our damn buisness if it was im sure she will tell everyone hey im doin drugs! Or wat eva its her life fans and people do u and let her do her and quit trying to live celebritys lives and i love dakota fanning seen every one of her movies i loved man on fire and hound dog and pretty much all of em lol kristen stewert to
holly hammonds
RE: Drugz?!?! OMG!!
6/30/2010 11:04:51 PM jazzb13 14 Posts jazzb13's Avatar
i saw a pic of her smoking wat i read was pot and i mean i honestly dnt judge her for it.. it is her life and if she chooses to do those things then let her i still love her shes an amazing actress and i would give anything to be able to meet her and actually be able to talk to her.
RE: Drugz?!?! OMG!!
7/1/2010 6:36:57 AM patty1192 46 Posts
so what if she's taking some..? i mean, mj take drugs too.. think its fine, as long as she's behave acting normal..! :)and she's 20, she knows what she's doing...
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