kissing in public and not caring!

kissing in public and not caring!
2/25/2010 11:19:22 AM twilightkiss 44 Posts twilightkiss's Avatar
So a few days after Robert finally admits their romance, Kristen and him were spotted kissing in a london pub! How cute right? A conservative c Nicolas Clark tweeted that he had seen the pair cosying up in the corner of a London pub.

He tweets exactly, “In The Marquis of Granby with Nigel Huddleston, not to mention Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart!!

“Yes they were together at pub around corner from Burberry HQ after the Prorsum Fashion Week event. A couple of kisses- Left in separate cars.

“From what I saw just a couple of kisses on lips. They didn't seem that amorous generally but friendly all the same.”
He wasn't the only one though others tweeted too,
“So kiss wise - it was proper kissing but I couldn't tell you if they were in love or not...they enjoyed each others company a lot.

“Yeah def lip locking, and giggling, cigarette sharing, really cute actually! :)

“If their bodyguards hadnt given me the evils and looked like they might hurt me, i'd have gotten y'all a picture.”