inside a scoop

inside a scoop
2/23/2010 3:22:06 PM halisho 8 Posts
This articles is very nice i like it it its interestings. it talks about things that make happenening in the runaways like inside scoops. One thing i see very interesting is for that Dakota Fanning she was at school and she her friend has temporary tatoos so she say yea put me one i want a cherry one, and when she coming home that day her mother give her a scripts for the Runaways and saying she is making trying out to be Cherrie who has cherry tattoo just like Dakota temporary tatoo. And they make for talking about Kristen and how she make resembling Joan Jett and also for Kristen and Dakota and they make kissing. It's nice stories read this.
RE: inside a scoop
2/25/2010 4:50:45 PM britbitz 20 Posts britbitz's Avatar
Hey this article was interesting and thats crazyyy bout Dakota haha I think this role will lead her to even greater beginnings! and all that stuff about kristen ofcouurse was fun to read! I love you Kristen I can't wait to see this movie I knoww youll be great!