Into the Wild

Into the Wild
9/17/2009 3:17:44 PM billee44 6 Posts
KS sang and played guitar in Into the Wild. During her audition with director Sean Penn, “I played ‘Blackbird,’ and I botched it. But he called me later and said, ‘Do you want to do this?’ And I was like–’yeah!’” she told The Detroit News.

I wonder if he saw something in her and knew she could play the character...
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9/28/2009 8:57:06 PM reymartin69 20 Posts reymartin69's Avatar
Well, KS is a very talented artist. She can act, sing, dance and anything. She is really an awesome lady, very skillful.
Rey Villa
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10/12/2009 10:30:14 AM twilite4evr 4 Posts
Q: I read that you auditioned for Sean Penn with a song. Was that fun or scary or is music another career you want to have?

Kristen: No. But it was one of the most creatively-freeing experiences. Music is one of the most emotionally expressive things you can do. If I’m not feelin’ it, I can’t sing. Those two nights [where she sings for a crowd in the film], something was going on. It’s not always you can give that much. But, yeah, it’s intimidating. I went in and played "Blackbird” for him. That’s a hard song to sing to. I’m not a singer. I can play it but he was really funny about it. He asked me if I didn’t want him to look at me. "Do you want me to turn around?” "No, you have to see it.” But, I’d never done anything like that. It takes a guy like Sean to make you come to it and pump out the words.
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10/12/2009 5:29:12 PM kyle 80 Posts
she looked pretty in that movie
hello,my name is kyle
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12/6/2009 4:51:36 AM ninagirllolrox 36 Posts ninagirllolrox's Avatar
im sorry her voice was ok i mean cant she do better...oh well in her new movie the runaways (the one with the terrible hair) i heard she was gona sing but with voice lessons
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1/17/2010 3:23:55 AM mail2leann 18 Posts
Hey can you share the youtuble link fo rit.. I am eagrly waiting to hear her voice..Thanks again!