1/6/2010 4:31:23 PM KS4ever 24 Posts
This movie is definitely a classic. And I am so glad that Kristen gets to be apart of this, she did an amazing job and totally deserves this.
KS forever
RE: Classic
1/16/2010 11:00:11 AM raymail 25 Posts
I agree with you my friend. This is definetly a classic. Kristen Stewart being a part of this makes me feel more and more chilled..

Long Live KS........
RE: Classic
1/17/2010 1:25:53 AM mail2leann 18 Posts
Adding to the above posts.. none other than Kristen could play such versatile roles quite easily.. She is simply superb..
RE: Classic
2/18/2010 9:43:27 AM kookoo 29 Posts kookoo's Avatar
I definitely agree. Even at such a young age she played this role to perfection!
RE: Classic
7/4/2010 4:26:42 PM IsabellaSims 25 Posts IsabellaSims's Avatar
I agree with you all, she is an amazing actress I especially love the part when she has the seizure. Most people could not be so into their part at some a young age. She is incredibly talented and gifted to be like that.
I love Kristen Stewart. She is an amazing actress and so incredibly beautiful, kind and talented. Forget what the tabloids say because they don't know anything. We can only understand Kristen through her own words and her acting and I have seen more than enough to know just how special she is. We will always be here Kristen.
RE: Classic
7/19/2010 11:13:12 PM strategos 243 Posts
it had to be awesome working with Jodie Foster and Forrest Whitaker, I'm huge fans of both of their work

Forrest Whitaker was pretty much genius with his performance in "The Last King of Scotland"
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