Daily talk with Kristen Stewart

Daily talk with Kristen Stewart
11/30/2009 4:35:28 AM Shaaqe 3 Posts
Heey Kristen, my name is Carlos. No, i'm not mexican. - And I don't speak spanish, please. - My intention with this topic is to have a daily conversation with you, like a diary. Yeah, i know you'll never know i exist. but ok, i get along well with monologues.

actually, for today, i'd like to figure out some stuff. how is it possible a person to like someone who never even met? why
is there internet if it'll never help? nowadays, we can talk to
everyone, but what difference does it make? you'll never read my messages, even. i know that, but it's ok. my feelings won't be less important because of that. nothing will change
my mind. and i know i'll never have a chance with you.

Kristen, you can ignore me - and it's better, trust me -, but don't ignore love.

PS: And it's not necessary worries, i'm not a psico. Not even a crazy fan. But I'm brazilian, haha.